Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Wrap-up day for the first WTA from BlissfullATCswap and Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday is the second story.
Sorry, if you would like just scroll down to 
Sepia Saturday.

Wow what a fun month for me.

 My Mini Gallery display
WTA January Swap.


Can you believe all the pretties
I received as the January winner of
Winner Takes All
Blissfull ATC swaps

Karla at

Melanie at

Wendy K. at

Wendy A. at


Donna at

2 from Ceila

Electra at

Other stash items included in
the packs.

Well I think I understand Steampunk now.
Thanks to all the artist that made me so happy.
Hope I did not get anything mixed up.
I misplaced one of the names and there was nothing on the back but I think I have them all lined up now.
Hope I did not get the names and cards mixed up.

Sepia Saturday
Connections to the theater

Well I have to stretch my photo to comply with theater but I can do that.

This photo appeared in our local newspaper in 1920
It is the graduating class of a private girl's school in my town.

I have no idea who these young women are.
They were named but I did not know any of them or their families.
Only 4?
Well yes. A private all girl's school in 1920.
Very expensive and exclusive.
The high school is still in operation and is coed now and is still very expensive.
I love the dresses and look at the shoes.
Two of the girls have on white leather high top shoes with laces.
Daintily showing their diplomas.
A good photographer and yes a little showwomanship.
Now just down the road from this school was an all girl's private college.
These schools were owned by the same religious congregation. 
One of the girls, or maybe all, earned a scholarship to the college.
Did they go?
Who knows.
It makes for a good piece of theater.

Go here for more Sepia Saturday.


artbywendy said...

what an awesome collection! I love everyones different take on Steampunk! Have fun with your extras!:O)

Marydon said...

Peggy, you are so lucky to have so many beautiful creations to enjoy. Very talented artists.
Have a beautiful weekend ~

Melanie Statnick said...

Glad you like your cards!

Angela said...

Oh gosh! How blessed you are. Love all those goodies.

Wendy said...

The graduation picture reminds me of the graduates of the Kingsport Ladies College in "Anne of Avonlee." Awww ~

Bob Scotney said...

I wonder what happened to the girls. I hope they made use of their privileged education.

Blissfull ATC swap said...

Peggy your have a fabulous collection of steampunk now ... they are all so different and super cool....Hugs Wendy congrats on your win

Vee said...

Oh your win is wonderful. Each selection is a work of art. How will you display them? In a grouping? Just lovely.

I noticed that gals' shoes right away. Very interesting that some of those very same fashions have come around again...the high top shoes with a dress for example.

GrandmaK said...

Well done!!! Wishing you a grand weekend!! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Oh happy you won the WTA!
these are all great cards...I'm with you, now I know more about steampunk!
Have a wonderful week :D
BEAR HUGS ~victoria~

Little Nell said...

I’m not sure I’d have liked to be a pupil in a school with so few others. It must have seemed more like an exclusive club at times. Like Bob, I wonder whether they made anything of themselves.

Ann said...

you are lucky to have chefs in your family.Guess you always get treats.

Lightverse said...

I like the first section of this post, for the creative artwork! As for the photo for Sepia Saturday, it is definitely theater. I bet there is a story in and from each of those girls. Just think of the theatrical possibilities! ☼

Christine H. said...

What wonderful and creative cards. I love the picture of the girls, and I can't help but wonder where their lives took them.

Mina said...

A huge congratulations on being the winner of all of those amazing ATC's. There are so many talented artist in Blogland (including you)!

I love that picture from your 1920's paper. Oh, I really want some shoes like that. They are too gorgeous! It is always a pleasure to stop by for a visit and admire your lovely blog, Miss Peggy. Have a beautiful week.

rebecca said...

truly a collection of JOY!
thank you for your kindest regards for my return to the stream of life! your beauty and compassion are bright lights on the way to wholeness!


I'd be hard put to pick a favorite, but if I must, I'd say it is Mercedes'...

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

They are so pretty and proud! Thanks for stopping by last week.

Take care,

Kathy M.

Lisa Balazs said...

how awesome! I love all the ATCs and they are so cool and original. Congrats on being the winner.

Hugs, LisaKay

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