Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
....carpe diem. The Daylily. "Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun." Khalil Gibran. She gives her all for just one day then bows her head to God and fades away to nourish the next generation. God I pray I may give my all each day to honor you and bow my head at the end to nourish the next generation. Peggy Jones. NOTE............ Please folks do not copy any of my art or photos on my blog without my permission. Thank you for your good manners.

Blogs full of blessings

My art and Crochet Projects

Finished 12/12/15

 Finished 10/31/15

Started in Sept. finished in Oct.

Done Sept, 2015

Posted 10/14/2013

For gd Nikki's baby boy

For gd Cindy's baby

Art class for Oct.

Posted Aug. 24, 2013
Done in the last month.

 This was painted on black tile.
Loved working on it.
It was base coated with two shades of red.

Made from old sun glass lenses.

8x10 acrylics

First attempt at painting on glass.
Must base coat with enamel or glass paints.
We used white enamel.

Scarf done for the Pink Scarf Project for women suffering with cancer.
Trimmed with eye-lash thread.

 2 afghans for grand graduates going to Bellarmine
University Aug 2013

July 2013

 June 2013

Done in April 2013

Done in March 2013

Posted 2/26/2013

Took three classes to do this.

Done in January 2013

Done in Nov 2012  

Posted 1/29/2013

 Items made for Christmas 2012 for my family
Pillow made for Ellen from a hoodie she bought in Washington DC too small to wear.

Neck warmer for Cindy

wall hanging for Jill

Jewelry for Nikki with an earclip.

Jewelry for Julia.
This bracelet has 3,000 beads on it.
Strung on nylon thread and then crocheted into a bracelet.
Hardest thing I have ever tried to make.

An oil painting posted 1/29/2013

My favorite piece of all
finally finished and hanging on my wall.
Given to our social worker daughter
with a poem  

Barn scene 7/2012

Plarn place mats for deck table. 6/2012

June 2012
Purse for a friend

 Green grapes 
Acrylics on canvas board

 March 2012

(not completed)

April 2012

Lily on Her Pad

 Hydrangeas in an Old Bucket
May 2012

Given to Rachel for her office.

May 2012

Hand painted for May ATC swap partner.

ATC swap for May
Magic in the Air

 For Michele

 ATC cards

March ATC and WTA

For Donna

For Celia


Alice in Wonderland

It is a lot of fun to work with those things on Picnik.

Using the effect Hynotic


 Nov. 2011
Christmas decorations using buttons for Button Floozie 4 group swap.


 After being away from art class for about 4 weeks I was so glad to be part of this one.

The tall one will go in the flower pot on the front porch and one will hang on the wall.

Paint class projects for October

Witch's Boot

Cat in a wagon

 CitraSolv solution on National Geographic Mag pages.

Lounge slippers for grands for Christmas.

This is my last Creative Tuesday entry.

Did not meet the criterium

Sept 27th 2011
Creative Tuesday

 Latest plarn item and art entry for Creative Tuesday
Purse for myself.
Beads made from Journey Magazine pages.

Sept ATC swap Theme

Plarn U of K Tote

Items made for the Nazareth Picnic.

Tea Pots done in art class.

Beach bag or Toy Tote

Short and Tall for Creative Tuesday

ATC for July 2011
Swap partner Debbie Ragan
Theme The Circus

Art projects done in May 2011 


Peggy's Poppies.

 Hats and purses made with plarn for the Nazaeth Picnic in July.


 My newest basket made in April 2011

Four of these were made, one for each  daughter.
The Pineapple
symbol of hospitality
These were made in Nov 2010. 

Three crocheted purses of plarn (plastic yarn)
finished for Nazareth summer picnic craft booth.

The Sunflower

 The American

The Basket

Completed 5/5/2011

Completed first oil painting.

16 x 20 canvas

Spring  Magic Wand swap.
to Mina

White plarn clutch purse for Nazareth summer picnic booth.

With phone case

Art class 04/18/2011


 First oil painting

Start of painting
March 24 2011

 Second week of class
First week to paint.

 Saturday March 19, 2011

I finally learned how to make plarn.
That is after I learned what it was.
I was making it before I even knew the word.
Plastic yarn.
I did not know what it was called but as a couple of folks mentioned it in a comment I went straight to Google.
Well now I know.
You can buy it in rolls, or make it yourself with plastic shopping bags.
Now in my opinion buying it ready made is defeating the purpose.
The purpose of recycling.

 My first plarn tote bag.

Direction for eye make-up rounds 

March 8 2011
Simple ch 4, attach with slip stitch in 4th chain, ch three for 1st dc, 1dc ch 1, 11 times, 12 dc and ch 1 spaces.
Attach with ss to top of ch three.
Ch 3, 1dc in next ch1 space then 2 dc in each ch 1 around.
You will have 24 dc. Attach with ss and secure end.

Latest class projects.


Tea pot cozy
Jan 2011

Feb 2011 Heart swap


Sketchbook challenge theme opposites
warm and cool

Jan art class

Feb Creative Tuesday 1st. Valentine

Art class

Jan art class

Crocheted scarf for Creative Tuesday
Jan 2011

My Jan ATC to Blanche
Theme-White, snow

January 10th2011

This is for a Valentine Heart Swap

This was made with material and trim from an old wedding dress I bought at
Goodwill several months ago. It has been wonderful for trimming and bright shiny things, and the key I found on e-Bay.

Painted 12-12-2010

ATC swap cards
Dec. theme Angels
From Meri in N Dak

For Meri from me

Crochet items for gifts.

12/12/2010 Posted

I missed this class two weeks ago but picked it up
this week 11/15/10

Added a beautiful glitter scrapbook paper for the inside of this cute box.

Added red drapery material to the inside of this box and put glitter glue around the top.

Painted for Trenton for Christmas.
Since he had trouble keeping his goldfish alive I painted this to look like
an aquarium.

From my swap partner for Nov.

My ATC card for November to Susan 2010

My October ATC swap card to Laura

Made with real butterfly wings.

My October ATC swap from Laura

The back side of Laura's card

One of my first baskets under the tutorship of
Madonna Cash
Master Basketweaver

My September ATC swap

Bark from the riverbirch tree with a stamp made from one of the leaves.
Sent to Denisa

Monday Oct. 17th 2010 class.

For Creative Tuesday Oct. 26/10

Theme Curtains

My ATC swap cards

From Denisa


My third basket.

The Welcome Home Basket
Sept 2010

Happy birthday
Keeping his whole family safe and happy.

Papaw and Mamaw Jones

 My finished fall project at art class.

Starting a new skill
August 2010
Rectangular basket with handles

My second basket, Sept 2010

 My first basket August 2010


The Blue Door.

Selection of Wildflowers


Beautiful Blueberries

The Witch Is In.

Grandson Ben

Fruit Medley

Modpodge baskets

Autumn Blessings I did this on my own.

Pumpkin and Pitcher

Strawberries  Up Close

The Bowling Green 
Spindletop Drive

Moonshine Night

Creative Tuesday Drawings.

Theme - Soap

Theme - The Sea

Dotty, Nook, Soap, Limits.


Strawberries Framed.

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