Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Confusion over insurance, for the first time in our lives

Since HH is a GE retiree we have drug benefits only, through our GE Retiree benefits.

Because of a change that GE made in who covers that for us retiree families, we were bumped from our Medicare Advantage policy with Humana back to Medicare, necessitating a selection of a supplement policy.
Here with just a few days to go, did we finally realized we had to make new arrangements.
Yes we received info from GE and Medicare, and half a dozen other companies, but due to a misunderstanding by me, I thought we were to just remain in the policy we had.
Just to make sure I called our Humana rep and WOW were we surprised.
Had to start all over again with Medicare and a secondary.
I had worked with insurance many years professionally but obviously forgot, no, everything is changed now, due to provision of drug coverage by Medicare.
Drug policies have what is called "A doughnut hole" and our GE coverage does not. We are allowed to keep that GE coverage, but that eliminates us from MC Advantage
Policies which has the drug coverage we don't need.
So any way, we are settled now.
At our age we may end up on the "death panel" project.
Sounds like an attempt to combine Hospice care and Medical care into one, or lack of, thereby saving the (shhh) government some money?
That is why I named the new year
 The Year Of Surprise.

Hope this does not offend anyone!!!


Rudee said...

I empathize with the complicated insurance issues. I likely have a different opinion about national health care and death panels so I'll refrain from that discussion. I will however offer food for thought: if we deny health care to the indigent and newly indigent unemployed, is that not its own type of death panel?

Karin said...

Not that I understand any of this medical insurance stuff, but that's why our dear son and family had to move back to Canada - medical expenses have been horrific during his studies in PA, much more than a Ph.D. student can handle. His dear wife was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, his eldest son with arthritis (he's only 7!) and his youngest has autism! We're praying that the Canadian Healthcare will be much better for him. So much pain all around!

Pondside said...

It sounds very worrying, QMM - I hope it works out. I know that many in the US are suspicious of the Canadian model, but despite one very vocal (and odd) disgruntled woman who has made a career of speaking against the Canadian system in the US, everyone I know is satisfied and well-cared for here on universal healthcare. In the past week I've had to rush The Great Dane to the ER and had prompt, thorough and excellent service - ditto for the two wee grandsons from another part of the country who both had ear infections from their flights. Health care is a topic fraught with fear - I hope it all works out for you, my friend. No one in the western world should have to worry about their coverage.

GrandmaK said...

Gosh I hope you get it all settled!!! What a mess this can all be!!! Hoping for the best! Cathy

Doris Sturm said...

Obamacare sucks! - naturally old people are the ones that need insurance most - generally speaking young people don't use insurance much so what on earth is he talking about?

He simply thinks we don't need insurance at all! Just let mother nature handle us like the survival of the fittest...tell him that when one of his own gets sick and see how he will change his tune...

Southwest Arkie said...

I hope you get it all figured out. I am not looking forward to dealing with that..just a few years away now...guess I should start reading up on it!

Peg said...

It's really too bad that you have to struggle so hard to ensure you have/get the care you need! Hope it all works out for you!

Bernie said...

Peg I too am retired from in Canada with universal health care is very comforting to me. No one likes change sweetie but give Obama care a chance, you may just like it. Too many negatives out there who only repeat what someone has said, once you find out with a bit of research you will be very happy.