Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VTT- Grandmother's meat platter

I have had many of my grandparent's things which had passed down to my mother and now share them with my brother and his children and my children and grands.
We always had huge family dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
One of the highlights of those holiday meals, was the meat platter.
Whether it was turkey, country ham, or pot roast this was the meat platter used.

Richard Alcock Platter
Royal Ironstone.

It looks white, but it is ironstone and is cream colored.
There are a few wear marks on it. My mother told me it was a wedding gift for my grandparents wedding in 1912.

There is no visible mark on the bottom but I can see where the mark has been worn away.
This is what I found on research.

"Central Pottery
This old established pottery was formerly worked successively by Hopkin & Vernon, Hulme & Booth, Thomas Hulme, and Burgess & Leigh, who were succeeded in 1870 by Richard Alcock, by whom the works were considerably enlarged, rebuilt and remodelled.
At Mr. Alcock's death, in 1881, the works passed into the hands of Wilkinson & Hulme and then, in 1885 to Arthur J. Wilkinson.
Earthenware for the home markets was formerly made, but the operations were afterwards confined to white graniteware for the United States. In addition to this. Mr. Wilkinson introduced with considerable success gold lustres on the graniteware. The mark was the royal arms surmounted by the words ROYAL PATENT IRONSTONE and beneath, in three lines, ARTHUR J. WILKINSON. LATE R. ALCOCK, BURSLEM, ENGLAND.
In about 1896, Messrs. A. J. Wilkinson took the Royal Staffordshire Pottery, Burslem ...

I have had this meat platter for at least 40 years. My children see it every holiday meal we have.
It is very heavy and will easily hold a large turkey or whatever we decide to serve.

I am hooking up with Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday.
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Day 4 of Thanksgiving expressions.

I am thankful for our yardman. He is honest, dependable and works very fast.
His respect is the first thing you notice when you speak to him. 
Our landscape is so neat and clean and expresses our appreciation and gratefulness for our home.


LV said...

The only mark that platter needs is the marks put there by different generations. You have a great vintage keeper.

GrandmaK said...

I have dishes like your platter, too. I cherish the memories the evoke in me each holiday! God Bless!! Cathy

Jingle said...

love these plates...
I love my own grandmother so much,
I am happy to see you share yours with passion and love.
u rock!

Pondside said...

That platter is a family heirloom now. I have my grandmother's platter as well, and it comes out for every big family meal - and everyone says 'Ah - that's Sitty's platter' and we talk about her. I love it!

Pam said...

Oh, what a great history that platter has! Imagine how many meals where served on that thing.

Anvilcloud said...

Still using something that is almost 100 years old. That's great.

Postcardy said...

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

The French Bear said...

QMM, I love that you have had the platter for so long and that it is something all the family connects with you. I love to keep and make traditions for my family, sadly we don't have a lot of my Mother's things but I have given my daughter and grandchildren new "old" things to star their own collections.....let's hope they pass them along to their children someday!
Your white platter is just beautiful!
Margaret B

crochet lady said...

That's nice that you can use something with so many memories attached to it.

Karin said...

The memories and meals around this VTT are very special and that's what adds so much value to a humble white platter. That's beautiful!

Coloradolady said...

Oh, I adore that platter and the story. I have a few older ironstone platters myself, as I do collect them and they are just beautiful even with a few blemishes....that makes them unique and special! Happy VTT!

The Paint Splash said...

How wonderful that you can still use the platter and that you found the history behind it I posted the winner of the truck contest my sisters and I had back in September. I also am having a give away for my 100th blog in just a few days so hope you will be able to come by for a visit. Debbie

Ann Nichols said...

Oh, so nice to meet you!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for your lovely comments and for following along - it means so much to me!
I love this posting about the much loved and used platter - isn't it amazing how such things add a continuity to our lives that makes it so much the richer? I think that's where the real worth of things come from - the history that becomes attached to our own family history. I can just see this platter gracing so many Christmases and other holidays in your home and that of your parents and grandparents...
Again, so happy to have met you! Isn't Cathy the greatest!

Elizabethd said...

How nice to have something that has so many memories attached to it.
Lovely to see you again, thanks for visiting me.

Anonymous said...

Its so special that this platter has survived to be used year after year and passed down; even better that you all appreciate and cherish the history.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

What a lovely piece and so much history in your family. I am sure you feel blessed to have and use it :)


Rudee said...

What I like best about your Vintage Thursday offerings, is how you honor your past.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What special memories that platter holds.


Deanna said...

Peggy, This is a fantastic platter to have and use.
Mercy sakes...if you could count all the meals that were served from this piece of history, it's like part of the family.

God bless,