Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Healing Hands

Happy Labor Day where ever you may be.

Thanks so much to everyone out there who offered up prayers and comments.
My hands are better.
It was definitely the basket making that was making the hands hurt so much worse.
I still have 4 to make, and make them I will.
I added the 2nd Aleve  a day and am using arthritis creme on my hands.
The last basket I made I took an Aleve about 45 minutes before and it helped.
I am grateful I have been able to continue to crochet without severe pain.


MosaicMagpie said...

Right there with you, anytime I try to do too much the hands give out. A steady dose of ibprophen and tylenol is what gets me through. Hope your hands can make it through those next baskets.

Alan Burnett said...

So sorry to hear about your arthritis and glad you are feeling a bit better.

Pondside said...

I'm glad that you can still crochet - when you're used to having busy hands it's so hard to have them lie idle. Loved that cartoon!

Karin said...

Can sure relate! So glad you're feeling better. Daily Ibuprofen helps me to get through the days! Blessings to you!

Jinksy said...

I do sympathise - both my Mother and Grandmother suffered from arthritis in their hands, and I know how painful it was for them. I think it helps to vary your tasks, rather than repeat the same action for a long time- it can help lessen the strain? All best wishes to you...

GrandmaK said...

Hoping you can continue basket making! It is such a useful and beautiful craft! Well done! Cathy

Anvilcloud said...

You/We just have to keep it going as long as we can.