Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crocheted napkin rings.

Still thinking about all our armed service men, especially the ones still fighting.

Took a look at my stash of yarn the other day and decided I needed to do something to use up my odds and ends.

This is a variation on a craft I saw on Mod Podge Rocks, one of my favorite blogs.
November 11th. post.
Napkin rings.

You will need to know how to crochet.

Chain 21, sc in 2nd chain from hook all the way across,ch1, turn and
Continue until you have nine rows, this will end up 2 1/2 inches wide and about 6 " long.
2 1/2 " piece of toilet paper roll or paper towel role.

 Your piece will be about 6 "

Coat the back side of the piece with a generous amount of Mod Podge.
Roll onto toilet paper roll. Make at least 4 for a set or more if you like.
Make them matching or odds and ends colors to use up left over yarn.

I used Peaches and Cream color Psychedelic.

MP suggests you buy Scrabble Tiles for the last initial of  a family name or first name if you know the family well. Glue them on the front with glue gun.

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La Petite Gallery said...

These are so colorful. Peggy,
I love this idea.
wish I could Crochet..

Cathy Keller said...

Well done!!! They are really very festive!!! Would be fun to crochet for the holidays!!! Have a grand day, dear friend!! Cathy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Those turned out lovely! :)