Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Shoot Out- Front Gardens or Front Yards.

My front yard.
There are flowers there but we never call it the front garden.

Front garden, is not a term used, to my knowledge, in my neck of the woods.

No front yard, just concrete, but plenty of flowers around.

Plenty of gardening done here but it is still called the front yard.

This has always been called "Snob Knob."
I know lots of folks that live here.
None of them are snobs as far as I can tell.

I would call this a front garden.

This too.

No front yard or front garden.

I know this family so I asked.
Yes they call it the front garden.

Our daughter's front yard.

Plenty of flowers but still called the front yard.

Rent a front yard.

Front yard Harris Horse Farm.
Lots of front yards like this in Kentucky


At one time the most beautiful mansion and front yard in our town, scheduled for demolition in about 2 weeks.
Long sad story of trying to save it.

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Front garden or front yard.



Karen S. said...

That is so sad to demolish such a lovely, stately place. All your yards and their beautiful houses are a pleasure to view and I'd capture them as well for this post! Your daughter has a most lovely place! I like also how the House without a yard has a lovely pot of flowers in front of their door.

DawnTreader said...

Nice pictures but the more posts I look at the more confused I get about what counts as yard vs garden.

Ruth Kelly said...

I especially like the front garden with the red home. You had such a variety, they were wonderful.

Vee said...

We call it the door yard...any area with a garden or no... near the door is the door yard. Your daughter has a beautiful home! Hope that she has help!

Kim Hkiss said...

First of all I like your daughters house ^)^. Secondly, the mansion that is going to be demolished is very pretty it is sad to let this go. Third, I so like the "rent a front yard" it is very cool to do this all the time ^_^


GingerV said...

hello my friend, great photos. if you are going out to mow lawn you'd say - going to work in the yard, but if you are going to plant flowers or prune the rose bushes you'd say - going to work in the garden.....matter of degree...

Ima Weed said...

A great mix of yard and garden. Love those poppies.

Karin said...

Beautiful photos! Love all the yards and gardens - not sure about the differentiation between the two words. As long as there are flowers growing, I don't care what it's called!!! Blessings!

Jama said...

Those houses are so beautiful and gorgeous gardens with plenty of flowers! I love seeing them.

Barb said...

Plenty of variety in your selection this week. You have some beautiful yard/gardens there and some wonderful homes, too. So sad to see one is slotted for demo, sigh...

Pauline said...

Peggy, you always give us such a good look at your town and today's post is one of your best ever, I think. Love the grand houses and different yards and gardens, love your town. Just the place I'd like to visit and Rent a Yard.