Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One word Wednesday. Reflecting. Just a thinking piece

Drawing by Lisa E Dentz


As I was watering my flowers today, without my glasses on, it struck me how not seeing can take our joy away.

As age creeps up on us, or maybe for other reasons, our eyesight begins to decline.
We can wear glasses or contacts to see things better and that is a scientific miracle.

But due to all the information in and on the news media today I find my spiritual sight beginning to dim also.
Talk of rationed health care for seniors and disabled cause me to have  feelings of helplessness and low esteem.
I have always been an optimist and have been blessed with being able to see the upside in most discussions.
How does one sharpen their spiritual sight.
I know but
for sake of discussion I ask this question then try to answer it to help me along.

Spiritual strength comes from recognizing a power higher than oneself.

Knowing from whom and how to call that strength to us.
 I will give myself a spiritual exam such as an eye exam.
1. Do I accept myself for who I am. Not who I think others see me?

2. Do I understand the journey, this far, that life takes me?

3. Do I have realistic thoughts about what happens to one after death?

4. Do I recognize the true center of my life from which all other things flow?

5. Do I realize and understand that I am not the person I was 30 years ago and why that is so?

I will write those questions in my private diary today and answer them with my soul not my intellect.
Blessings to life and all that it holds for each of us.

Do you ever find yourself at this junction?

The joy in my life is seeing clearly physically and spiritually.

The color blue brings me much joy.

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Lisa@GrandmasBriefs said...

I love the idea of answering such questions quality the soul not the intellect. Wise words.

Thank you for linking up such a thoughtful post. Lovely reflecting.

joanne said...

I feel a lot of the same emotions....Fear of getting older and of death....Physical limitations, etc....Avoiding these thoughts helps me - not very spiritual, but effective! I try to fill my time with whatever gives me joy at that moment, and sometimes that's not so easy....Keep the faith...

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Thanks Meri and Joanne for your visits.

Anonymous said...

i love it...

Jenifer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Sweet Blessings! Nice to "meet" you! :)

I loved your post and the questions to ask yourself.