Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone out there.
Ash Wednesday tomorrow.

Going out tonight but to celebrate one of the Princess's birthday.

Time's have sure changed.
When I was growing up Lent was void of anything that was considered celebratory.
Weddings were not performed in the Catholic Church at my house my grandmother did not allow us to play cards during lent or any of the other things we did for pleasure.
Of course no TV anyway so did not have to give that up.
There was a lot of church going. 
No movie going except maybe on Sunday.
No eating of meat any day of the week and only one big meal a day.
We all got slimmer back in those days.
Do you think we were more holy?



Ima Weed said...

What are people giving up today ?? I'm curious and of course you know by the curiosity I am not Catholic.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

I don't know about most folks but I would say those close to their church follow the guidelines of diet. One full meal a day. No meat on Friday's. After the age of 60 folks are not requited to follow those guidelines. HH and I still do not eat meat on any Friday's. Just too old school I guess.We do follow the diet guidelines all lent. As far as I know no one gives up movies and weddings are held during Lent all the time. I am very much out of that loop si I am not sure. Moby Dick is always busy during Lent, a lot of churches have Fish Fries on Friday's during Lent, not just Catholic.

Rudee said...

We ate lentils with rice (Mujadra) on Fridays in Lent instead of fish. I still make it all of the time. It's a poor family's dish, but delicious.