Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
....carpe diem. The Daylily. "Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun." Khalil Gibran. She gives her all for just one day then bows her head to God and fades away to nourish the next generation. God I pray I may give my all each day to honor you and bow my head at the end to nourish the next generation. Peggy Jones. NOTE............ Please folks do not copy any of my art or photos on my blog without my permission. Thank you for your good manners.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

FSO and gratitude challenge

Friday Shoot Out
Unusual, funny, spooky signs.


Eerie sign 

A look at history at it's worst.
 Click on to see detail.

Took these photos this summer and been waiting for a chance to use them.

Since I have been sick all week, had to peruse my archives for a suitable photo.

Go here for other FSO

Day 4 of being grateful.

My friend who helps me clean my house was here yesterday.
Every two weeks she comes to do the hard things I am unable to do.
HH and I do the easy things as we are able.

Today I am grateful for this dear friend who has been with me for over 15 years.
 My hired help, yes, also my friend.


Pondside said...

I'm glad to read that you have help with the more difficult/heavier tasks. Take good care of yourself!

Ann said...

I am getting an appraisal next week, and I hate it.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I like the appraiser sign. I think it would look good in HDR.

Jama said...

I love those metal works design on that signboard, so pretty!In the first picture, it doesn't look like a signboard at all!

GrandmaK said...

Grand photo!!!! Hoping your feeling better today!!! Thinkin' 'bout ya dear friend! Cathy

Vee said...

Not feeling well again? It is I am sure a great blessing to have someone help out with the big stuff. And that she's a friend, too, makes it all the better! Wonder what all those different size holes are in the stocks? A person needing the smaller ones would have to have awful long arms!

mary said...

The last photo is spooky ^_^


Pauline said...

Well done - you found some great signs - love the stocks, now that's scarey!