Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Forgiveness. What touched my soul this week.

Soulful Week
Something that touched my soul this.
My mother was a single woman who raised us three children alone.
My father was an alcoholic.
She left him when I was 8, my sister 6 and my bother due to be born in just a few months.
We went to live with my maternal grandparents who still had 4 adult sons at home.
For years I disliked my grandmother.
For years I felt my father abandoned us and I had no feelings for him.
For years I felt my mother was weak and too submissive.
That is until I reached maturity and realized we are all only human.
I do not have those feelings now.
I have come to understand each situation and why each of them led a life that hurt me.
Each mother's day I look back and ask forgiveness from my God for my negative thoughts.
I wish I could go back and talk to those loved ones and let them know I was just a little girl and did not understand.
But I know they know how I feel.
I know how each of them struggled in the situation.
I so thank God for a wonderful mother that passed on all the values of a good heart and soul.
That is my story and I am grateful I recovered from the hurts and negativity that can rob us of our God given right to happines.
I love you mom.
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Karen S. said...

God bless you, and everyone-and all the good and the bad that makes us who we are!

Pondside said...

They know and they understand. That is for certain.

Suzy Mae said...

I relate very much to this post. It is hard being a child in the middle of it all. As we grow our perspective broadens. They knew how you loved them then and now:)