Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Monday, February 15, 2016

4th big snow of 2016.

Well here we are again.
A fresh batch of snow. 

Texted some of my college grands and they are on delayed times. Hate to see them out of the road but they must learn to get around on days like this.
Two high schoolers out.

They like it early in the year but their days are used up now and that means added days at the end.

One of the schools have 2 make-up days on-line and now that is used up.

Our beautiful gd Cindy is married and they live close to Lexington Ky. so they never miss a U of K ball game.

 Cindy and Jeremy with friends.

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Vee said...

My grands have only missed a day so far this year and, since they are on winter break this week, they won't miss any with the coming storms either. It is supposed to go from -20 to 40 in a day or two's time. Hope so! This is miserable.

Thought I'd explain about my Shirley Temple doll. I belive that she cost a little over $12. I earned a quarter a week for doing extra household chores and keeping my room clean. All I know is that I learned a lot about saving for a big ticket item. Ha!

Karen S. said...

I wish them a long life of happiness and love! You sure have been getting our snow! It seems so far that we've pretty much, so far as yet missed all the extremely big blizzards this! I'm kind of happy about that too, it's nicer to enjoy winter when it's not so darn hard! Enjoy your week!

Pamela S said...

We are right there with you on the snows of 2016. I live in WV. My brother & his family live in Augusta Ky, they used to live in Florence Ky. Keep warm...maybe winter will end for us in another month or so. Loved your pictures