Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

FSO-theme Spaces.

Open Space - Indoor / outdoor: large, high, wide, empty or full - Space. 
(topic suggested by Ginger)

As I have mentioned before our town is a tourist town due to the history and beauty.

One of the largest complexes in our town


The Blue Grass Entertainment and Exposition Complex is a multi-
functional event hosting facility comprised of a total of over 16,000
square feet in 3 unique buildings setting on 9 acres. BGEEC can
accommodate private or corporate events and allow simutaneous set-up,
break-down and exhibiting of multiple events. BGEEC is located in
Bardstown Kentucky and is only minutes from restaurants, hotels and
numerous tourist attractions.

BTW for any one who might be interested this property is for sale due to the health of the owners.

Wide open space set up for a big shindig in the middle of town.

Outdoor stage at amphitheatre set up for one of the high school graduations.

Large open space for Stephen Foster Story and other community activities.

Large open fields all over our area mainly for raising horses.

Our back yard. Large outdoor space.
Grands play football, crochet, badminton.


Small spaces.

Small spaces for our avian friends.

Small spaces for prayer and meditation in the woods.


Mulberry Alley small access to city parking lot from the main part of town.

Outdoor small private place.
  Indoor small private place.

 Go here to link up with FSO places.


Cathy Keller said...

Very pretty shawl! And love the post! Cathy

GingerV said...

Pegs, great post. I love the third photo in the second set. Looking down the stairs to the stage. Just a completely good photo of space. Also your private space.... Nice

Ima Weed said...

Oh, so many spaces ! You did a great job on this one.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I admire your private space. We all need a place like that to relax.

Pauline said...

Peggy, you are rocking the photography, girl. I love your small spaces for the birds, the composition and colours are perfect.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Hi there,
I'm one of Vicki's volunteers from '2 Bags Full'. Today is the day to do your 'Grow Your Blog' post. Please have it done by around 4. If you have chosen not to participate, no problem, Vicki will remove your blog from the list by the end of the day.
Cute blog, by the way.

Barb said...

I enjoyed strolling through the spaces of your town, Peggy.

Bagman and Butler said...

Wow, what a collection of large, small, indoor, outdoor - you really outdid yourself today...or takes me awhile to get back and check things out. Love the outdoor theater. Would love to sit in the chair.

Rebecca said...

It looks like there is more beauty than just the music to be enjoyed.

Mersad said...

Hi. I have selected this post in our weekly "Friday My Town Shoot Out" Spotlights, which you can view here. Thanks for your contribution, and we hope to see you post again this Friday!