Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Me and my cameras-FSO

My family call me 'The Memory Keeper'
We have more photo albums in our house than I can count.

My first camera was a
Brown Hawkeye

(Not my photo)
This was my very first camera.

I got one like this for Christmas when I was 16 years old.

I attribute the fact that I have never smoked to two hobbies


One, the film and flashbulbs were more attractive to me than cigarettes and  (2) I learned to play golf at a young age and balls and packs of cigs cost the same. 
Could not afford both.

A shot of a friend of mine with my new camera
in 1952.

I was a sophomore she was a senior.
She was about 2 years older than me but we were great friends.

I next had a Polaroid Land Camera (from google)
Loved the instant photo but the photos did not age well.

Our oldest daughter's high school graduation.
1982 taken on the polaroid.
Well not a bad photo after 31 years.

Next I had a  Compact VHS
by JVC in about 1983

 Still have this.

Wow were we excited about this.

This was way before I had a computer and these
cassettes were very small and had to go into an adapter to be used on a VHS player.

I am charging this battery up and if I can find the adapter have lots of footage from various vacations.
Our IT son will put these DVDs for us.

This was so big and of course an inconvenience to carry in the bag with all the cassettes and other items needed.

My next camera was a Canon Sure Shot.

 Next I had 3 Kodak Sure Shots.

They were inexpensive I kept buying them.
The on/off button got stuck on all three.

The shots in this collage were taken with the Kodak Sureshot and I think they are great.


After the 3 Kodaks died my son sent me a Fujifilm that he had won at work that he never used.

Meanwhile I had already ordered myself an 
Olympus VR-340 
After that arrived I taught my husband how to use the Fuji and I am now exclusively using the Olympus.
I will never have a very expensive camera.
This serves my purpose well.

My 12 year old granddaughter got a $500.00 camera for Christmas last year and she is going to be the next 
'Memory Keeper'  

Taken with my Olympus.
It is a keeper.

Holly's shot of Poppy with her new camera.

Holly's shot of Gibby with her new camera.

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Vee said...

What fun to know the history of your camera ownership. I would not have a clue. Lovely photos all. Your granddaughter got the camera bug from you and she's doing a great job.

helen tilston said...

I love how you document all your cameras. Technology has come a long way. How wonderful your grand-daughter has such a keen interest. I love the first dog image


Tammy said...

What a lovely trip down memory lane and the way technology has advanced. My dad always carried around a very big camera on our family vacations when I was growing up. And we even had many of our vacations on the old slides. I remember how excited I was when I received a Polaroid One-Step for Christmas one year. I took pictures of everything and everyone. I will never have a very expensive camera either. Your GD's photos of the furbabies are great. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

DawnTreader said...

There has certainly been some development through the years ;)
I never had a film camera but my parents and brother did. Last year when clearing out drawers in their house my brother found the little VHS tape from my 40th birthday party which had been "lost" since then, and also the adapter. I still have a VHS machine (even if not much in use now) so was able to watch it and transfer it to DVD. Fun after 17 years...

Ima Weed said...

I would have to put my mind to work to remember the last three cameras I have owned. Amazing that you can detail us back to age ten. Love that dress your friend is wearing, do you remember the color? Your granddaughter has a marvelous subject to photograph in those darling dogs.

Anvilcloud said...

Keep on clicking. Although I am the camera guys around here, my wife is more the memory keeper if that makes any sense.

Peg said...

Always so much fun seeing all your memories. And you do such a fabulous job with photography!

Cheryl said...

What fun to walk down memory lane with you and all of your cameras. I love that your granddaughter has chosen to follow you down this creative path.

Pauline said...

How can you remember all those cameras? You're amazing! Fantastic post, Peggy.