Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sepia Saturday- theme-bridges

Bridges have always had symbolic meaning. When discussions were taking place on the design of the first Euro notes, it was decided that the common illustration on all denominations should be a bridge - to symbolise the joining together of people, communities, and nations. Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week is entitled "Rough Wooden Bridge Over River, Group With Dog on the Shore". It comes, via Flickr Commons, from the Phillips Glass Plate Negative Collection, at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia. The Museum provides no further information about where the bridge is, but the brilliance of on-line communities such as Flickr Commons (or, indeed, Sepia Saturday) is that such information is soon forthcoming : the footbridge was in Mosman Bay on the north shore of Sydney Harbour. The location of the photograph is not the only question posed by the title - it takes a sharp eye to spot the reported dog. 
You Sepia Saturday theme for this week could therefore be bridges, lakes, rowing boats, dogs (present or absent).  Alan Burnett

 This photo was taken from 
"Impelled by the Love of Christ"
History of Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Kentucky
Patricia Kelley,SCN
Rachel Willett, SCN

I pass by Peter's Puddle everytime I go to Nazareth which is at least once a week.
The bridge has been gone a long time.
It was not there when I was first introduced to Nazareth in the 1970s.
Peter's Puddle is still there and fishing is allowed to the community around with the possession of a permit.
There is now excellent access by paved road around the lake and to the rail way that is still there but not used by the campus.
At one time the bridge was the only way to cross over the lake to reach the railroad station. 
I could not find when it was built or when the bridge came down.

It is located near the railroad tracks where the students used to board the train to travel  home and about.  

These photos were in the same book taken sometime in the 1920's.

At this time Nazareth was a college and not a high school as evidenced by the mature dress of the graduates.

Nazareth College was eventually moved from Bardstown into Louisville and is now named 
Spalding University of Louisville Kentucky.

One of our daughters graduated from Spalding with a BSW and completed her master's program at 
University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work. 

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Rudee said...

That's such a beautiful bridge!

Peter said...

Not having any bridge railing Ceasar's Bridge must have been constructed by confident people. But I guess it was for pedestrians only.
And then this locomotive approaching Nazareth Central, magnificent! Those were the days (to a certain extent).

Wendy said...

Peter's Puddle --what a cute name. I love photos and stories of colleges from the early 20th century because there is always a train station. I know how important college was for those girls to travel so far from home.

Anonymous said...

I love the name Peter's Puddle too :-)

Bob Scotney said...

I wonder how many old bridges like this have gone in the name of progress. Photos and blogs may eventually be the only record of some.

Boobook said...

A delightful footbridge with aesthetic style.


These graduates looked like a fine bunch!! Lovely pic!! Pity the bridge is gone though.

Jana Last said...

Great photos! And Peter's Puddle? What a fun name.

ScotSue said...

Love the name Peter's Puddle, and the photograph of the girls in their cloche hats.