Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brand new adventure-Doing my own thing day

 Doing my own thing day.

Well here goes my first venture into the possibility of  publishing my children's stories.

I have mailed 22 short stories to a publishing company I have been in contact with for several days.

These stories were written for our 11 grandchildren in 2008 and 11 in 2009.
I had them printed and bound at Kinko's for them as Christmas gifts those two years.
Using only first names I feel they are appropriate for the ages 10 to 16.

This was written for Trenton when he was 8 years old. 
He is now 12. 

When I was able to copy this story to this post I discovered how to send my stories to that publishing company electronically.
Now I have to scurry to retrieve my package from the mail box.

Life on A Farm

    When Trenton was about 8 years old he went to live in the
country with his dad and grandparents. He had a dog named
Rocky and a horse named Scout. Trenton loved to roam the
farmland with his two best pals. When Trenton was out on
the farm he felt ten feet tall; when not at the farm he felt like the three foot
tall introvert he actually was. When on the farm, he was not
afraid of anything;  at school and in his neighborhood he was afraid of everything. He loved to poke into holes, look under logs
and into the bushes.

    One day he was poking in the bushes and he heard a little
noise. He backed off and a tiny brown rabbit jumped out and
scurried into the barn. Trenton eased around to the door of the
barn and peeked in. It was very dark in there and Trenton tiptoed
in so he would not scare the baby rabbit. He did not hear a sound.

As his eyes got used to the darkness of the barn, he noticed his
horse Scout in his stall.

    “Hello Scout,” said Trenton.

“Did you see a rabbit come in here just a few minutes ago?”

“No,” said Scout. “I did not see a rabbit but I heard something.

Was it a rabbit?”

    “Yes,” whispered Trenton, “and I want to catch him. He
might be scared and looking for his mommy.”

    “Well,” said Scout, “he will probably be able to find his

mommy on his own. I think you should just leave him alone.”

    “No,” said Trenton shaking his head, “I want to make him

my pet rabbit and keep him safe. I will name him Hip Hop and

we can have lots of fun.”
Scout was shaking his head no.

    Moving further into the barn Trenton spied the rabbit.

“There he is. I see him. He is hiding behind that stack of hay.

I will put that stool against the other side of the hay stack and then

I can get him on this side.”

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said Scout. He is probably afraid. If his mommy
is close by she could try to hurt you.”

    “I am not afraid of anything,” said Trenton sticking his chest

out. I will just knock her backwards. Come on little rabbit. Come

on Hip Hop.”
Trenton was prancing around with his fists up in the air like he had seen his dad do.

    The little rabbit pushed up against the stool and tried to
wiggle out from behind the haystack as Trenton advanced toward
him. When Trenton touched him, the tiny rabbit’s little heart was
beating a mile a minute.

    “I will not hurt you, little bunny, come to me,” said Trenton.

    About that time something jumped down on Trenton’s back
and the rabbit flipped out of Trenton’s hands.

Trenton saw the momma rabbit grab her baby by the nape of the
neck and scurry out of the barn.

Trenton felt something warm on his neck and reached up to feel
what it was. When he looked at his hand there was blood on it.

    “Help,” screamed Trenton, “I am dying. That momma rabbit
bite me.”

    “I guess you are right Scout,” said Trenton, “ I should not
have tried to take the baby rabbit from his mother."

 "No," said Scout," that is not a kind thing to do."

"That is not a
kind thing to do. I would not want someone to take me from the
ones I love and love me. Let’s go for a ride Scout,”
    Trenton as he jumped on Scout’s back and trotted out of the barn
door. Trenton felt good that he had not taken the baby rabbit.

Scout said, “I am proud of you Trenton. You made a good choice.
And by the way, that is not blood on your neck that is just a sweat you worked up trying to be big bad rabbit catcher and you
scratched your hand on the barn door.”

"Maybe I am not as brave as I think I am,"
Trenton confided to Scout.

"No one is brave Trenton when they try to use their size to overtake another."
Stated Scout.
"Being brave means to have respect and to be kind to all creatures."

Trenton and Scout went trotting out onto the grassy fields of the farm talking and discussing ways to be brave and kind at the same time.

Peggy Jones



Deanna said...

Hi Peggy! May you have a super Summer.
Have you heard of XULON Press? Google it. I haven't personally used them...may. A friend of mine used them and was pleased. They'll publish your book for you for a fee.
God bless,

Vee said...

Oh what a nice vocation! Writing children's books. I sometimes think I'd like to give it a try incorporating the adventures that my grands have. Currently, it would be a book about being good brothers. ☺

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That's a great personal gift for your grandchildren. Something that they can pass down through the generations. Hope all is well and you are having a great week. Tammy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That's a great personal gift for your grandchildren. Something that they can pass down through the generations. Hope all is well and you are having a great week. Tammy

Ima Weed said...

Hope you have wonderful results with your book.

Rudee said...

You're a woman of many talents!