Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mrs. Santa is worn out. Now Santa, that is a different story. and a birthday wish.

For some reason Santa thinks he has nothing to do until Christmas Eve.
Mrs. Claus is worn out, but pleased at all that has been accomplished.
I don't have to clean up my kitchen table work space until almost 2 weeks.
Santa and Mrs. Claus are in their place on the stairway.

This is the first thing our kiddos and grands look for. 
A tradition for at least 30 years, yes way before some of them were born.
Hoo Hoo Hoo.
Mrs. Claus needs a day of rest.

 Happy Birthday dear Son-in-law.

 A super husband, dad, son and son-in-law, coach and all around great guy.


Joyful Noise for a Joyful Life said...

The work load for holidays is sure not equal. But then I remember a time my sweet hubby had to take the kids to the pediatrician. This brilliant engineer had the hardest time with the forms he needed to fill out. Forget him being able to handle the diaper bag goodies!
Rest Mrs. Claus holiday baking, decorating, and all the other tasks require us to pace ourselves.

Peg said...

As busy as you've been, you deserve a rest! Take care!

rebecca said...

dear peggy,

in gratitude for our days of mary i have posted my gratitude to you and all today at recuerda mi corazon with a special invitation.

Rudee said...

The Mr. and Mrs. are adorable. Happy Birthday to your SIL.

bj said...

Mr. and Mrs. Clause are so cute.

I have a Santa that moves his hands and nods that I bought when one of my grandson's was born..21 yrs. ago.
All the grands love that ole Santa...H
Have a wonderful Christmas...

GrandmaK said...

Aren't they just the most beautiful Santas!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

La Petite Gallery said...

I finally think I have finished baking bunt rum cakes, the tree is up, for the second time. Just have to buy some gift cert, You have a beautiful family Peggy.Love Mr.
and Mrs. Santa. Metty Christmas


Karin said...

Happy Birthday to your sil!! You've got the cutest Mr. and Mrs. Enjoy the final countdown days before Christmas!

Vee said...

The Clauses are looking chipper as ever though they've been there every year for thirty years. I can see why the grands would look for them. They're cute!

Hope that your internet connections clear up soon.

Mina said...

Your Santa and Mrs Claus are adorable! A lovely 30 year tradition. Sending a belated happy birthday to your son in law. What a beautiful family!