Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tea Talk Thursday and Share the Joy

Every other person I run into has a cold, raspy throat and sneezing.

Well thank goodness I had a joyful day yesterday cause I feel bad today.
I caught the cold, raspy throat and sneezing and have 2 ear aches.

But joy of joys, yesterday had breakfast with my beautiful red head friend.
My Cyndie.
My dear dear friend. 
We worked together as intake nurses for years actually putting together the intake department of our home health agency.
She still works for that agency but since it is out of town she never has time to visit.

I so hope you have a friend such as I do.

To have been raised in such totally different circumstances I can never believe how we two share such similar souls.

Literature, art, music, crossword puzzles, the Bible, with such totally different interpretations but we found our common ground and did we ever learn from each other.

I was the first Roman Catholic she ever knew and she was the first Seventh Day Adventist I ever knew.
We could not believe the differences we had been taught about each other.
Shame, shame, shame.
We are so glad we grew up to know the same Jesus.

We have even attended church together.

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus

This quote is the favorite of both of us.

Having..............Green Tea since I feel I need something healing for my head and throat.
Also some Alka Seltzer Plus
In.................Good sized mug since I love the feel of my hands around the big mug. Love the picture of the fox among the trees on that mug.
Feeling.......As I said above got a cold coming on. Gonna try to keep it from getting any worse.
May need a Hot Toddy later today. Woo

Thinking about....... what a hard time my friend Cyndie is having in trying to drive over 100 miles a day to a job that she has come to hate. Nothing like it used to be. The company is like so many, laying off folks and putting more work on the RNs than is safe.
She has 3 more years before she can retire.
We prayed together yesterday and brainstormed about some different job situations for her.
We prayed for all those who have lost their jobs and especially all the nurses who have worked so hard to get their education and as some, nearing retirement, are finding it hard to replace the type of job they had.
Joining here with Tea Talk Thursday with Ruth



Vee said...

It is wonderful to read about such a supportive and loving, rich and full. Nurses have it rough. I know. My sister's been one all her adult life. It's not easy and these times are most difficult for nearly everyone.

Vee said...

Oh...feel better, Peggy! Echinacea, echinacea, echinacea...

Karin said...

Love your post about friendships! So thankful to the Lord for the special friends He's sent my way to walk beside us in our journey of faith. Beautiful post and love the quotes! Get well soon! Nursing a sinus infection here and feel all stuffed up! Hopefully this too shall pass!

Anvilcloud said...

Sorry you are not feeling well. It doesn't take long for the fall-winter germs to find us. Sigh.

Meri said...

That tea looks like just the ticket. We've got the virus in the house (my son's girlfriend has been down with sore throat, cough, and high temp for almost a week) so the well among us are on Tamiflu. My flu shot hasn't kicked in yet, unfortunately. And it's given me joy to see what a good boyfriend my son is, tending to his sick sweetie, taking her to the doctor, making her food, and all that. I raised him right!

Christine said...


What sweet thoughts! It is so precious to have a dear friend such as yours. Since I don't have sisters, the Lord has given me a few precious ones who are my sisters in Christ, and am I ever thankful for them every day!

I love your Walter Winchell quote--very true. We are blessed.


Cynthia Eloise said...

you are so fortunate to have a friend like cyndie. cherish the relationship.

i glad you only have 2 ear aches, i was worried there for a minute. get well soon.

Ruth said...

Hi Peggy,
I love reading posts on friendship and this one is just heartwarming! What a beautiful friendship you have with Cyndie and I'm blessed how you appreciate her and feel for her struggles.I'm also amazed how God brought you together and how Jesus became the common ground in your relationship.

I pray that you would feel better soon and have a restful weekend.


rebecca said...

i love your post. first your generosity in hoping we all have a friend like yours in our life. i love wanting the highest and best good for all the people who cross my path.
the joy i find here is acceptance, finding our commonality and knowing love beyond all differences.
perfect joy!

Illinois Lori said...

Hi Peggy,

I'm late visiting other "Tea-Talkers"...was swamped all afternoon since I put my post up! I hope you feel better soon...what a fun mug you have! Love the little fox :-)


W. Latane Barton said...

Hope you feel better real soon. I, too, have had that throat problem and coughing. Seems everyone I know has. Bad year for it, I guess.

Love your cup... my husband was a fox hunter so he would have loved it.