Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some pondering after falling and visiting my Orthopedic physician this week.

First of all praise and glory to 
God Our Father.
Thanksgiving for good news at the MD.
As many of you read I had a fall Wednesday.
I have fallen numerous times in the last year and we all decided we needed some answers.

What did you do?
Did you get dizzy?
Why were you out?
What kind of shoes did you have on?

You need a Life Alert, you know one of those things for old ladies.

Well I visited my Orthopedic MD on Friday with all my bruises, scratched up face and fat lip and the hip that has been bothering me since my really bad fall on Derby day turns out to be a little arthritis and bursitis.
Okay, physical therapy will get me on my feet again and some promises were made.

I made a necklace for my phone so that I can have it with me all the time.
Will see my diabetic MD Tuesday and get RX for Diabetic shoes.
Have you seen these lately?
There are some really cute and easy to put on ones.

Will use a cane til the leg is stronger.

(MD said use a walker, but not yet. I would fall and hurt myself worse. Those things make you even more dependent and encourage less strong muscles.)
We will compromise.

Will Mod Podge some pretty paper and purple ribbon on my cane and call it Maxine.

Maxine can do anything she wants.
Will add one more Aleve to my daily dose for pain.

So I am not giving up, just admitting I am aging. Notice I did not say old, just aging.

Why do I have such a hard time with that word?

I know Jesus suffered enough in His few short years on earth, but He never had to get old.
Forgive me if that is blasphemous. 

Just hedging a little.

Thanks to all for good wishes, e-cards, calls and a prayer or two.
Love ya all.

Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.
~ Marilyn vos Savant


Pondside said...

You are a trouper, Peggy! I love your attitude. I'm so glad that you aren't hurt as badly as you could have been, but sorry to know that you are in pain, nonethelss.
Take good care.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Peggy, I think we avoid the word *OLD* thanks to this generation and a media oriented strictly for the very young. In other cultures (maybe more primitive, but wiser in many ways) *OLD* is revered. Oh that we should be so wise.
And I agree on a walker, having had ample just causes wrist and shoulder problems while catching on EVERYTHING not nailed down! LOL! So decorate *Maxine* and go for it.....with a little care.
I'm headed to the Neuro in early September~~think he'll find anything in my head but sand??? ;-D
Hang in there~~I know you'll get going full bore again!


Anvilcloud said...

You will stay mentally active, and that's very good. And we're all just getting older, it seems, never quite getting there. Cheers!

Daniella said...

I am so glad you finally got some answers!!
You will be back to your usual self in no time!!!

GrandmaK said...

I am glad you were not seriously injured. Though it sounds like it appears that way. I'm hoping you have a successful PT experience and that your visit to your PCP and the regulation of your DM med will also alleviate any problems you have had! God bless you dear friend and know you are in my prayers!! Cathy


sorry to hear about this, but you sound like the kind that will take it in stride and make the best of it.
good luck!!

Rudee said...

I think rehab may be just the ticket you need for improving ambulation. Perhaps a quad cane would be more effective for stability--especially when outdoors on uneven ground.

If you go for a regular cane, you can always decorate the cane to match your personality.

Mina said...

Oh Peggy, after reading your newest post, I just had to back up and see what happened. I hate that I am so far behind and late to tell you that I am so sorry to hear that you fell. Thank goodness it was not far worse, though I know it is enough. I wish you the best in your time of healing and am sending you as many blessings as my heart will hold. Hugging you tightly, Mina.