Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

There's more fun in a barn.

"Our theme for Friday the 12th of August is Rust, Rusty, Rustic. This can be a color or a place, think outside the box.
Rust and Rust are easy, I think. Also think of color, etc." 

Barn #1

Barn #2

Barn #3

Yes, barn dances are held here too.

All of these photos are of the different barns at the exhibition center.


Click on photos to enlarge to be able to read signs.

Second floor and stone fence around the prisoner's open area, now a beautiful garden for the B&B

Back entrance to the old jail yard.


Right in the center of town, nearly all old rustic buildings have been preserved and serve as new businesses.

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Scriptor Senex said...

Love the gates in the back entrance to the jail yard. A great shot.

Jama said...

Gorgeous shot of the barns , I love looking at them.And that B&B sure looks so inviting, the concept of B &B is still alien to us here.

Ann said...

That jailor b & B, they provide free bed and food?

Anvilcloud said...

That's a neat green back door to the jail although I suppose the jailbirds might not have thought so.

GrandmaK said...

Wonderful pics!! Wonderful use of the jail...Would never thought of using it as a bed and breakfast... Excellent! Have a grand day! Cathy

Bagman and Butler said...

I adore Barn #3 playing hide and seek in the trees. And the old jail looks really interesting -- probably not so much to the people who got to inhabit it in the old days.

Sandra said...

it makes me happy to see they have saved all these lovely old buildings and barns and fences. all of these are perfect for the subject

Kim, USA said...

They are worth saving they represent history at the same time it's very pretty. Great shots and thanks for sharing!


~JarieLyn~ said...

I love the wood sign for the bed and breakfast and the back entrance to the old jail is spectacular. Very rustic indeed.

Cheryl said...

Love the fences and my eye was especially drawn to that piece of farming equipment.

Barns are beautiful, aren't they?

Sarah said...

Beautiful..wonderful...liked them all. I have a thing for barns..cause I love the horses. The jail was amazing. Although I am not sure I wanna stay there..but cool!
Hugs, Sarah

Peg said...

Fabulous buildings - I just love old buildings, barns, houses, churches. There's something so much like 'home' about them.

Rudee said...

I love the photos and the sense of history preserved.

EG Wow said...

Hmmm. That might be interesting staying in an old jail long as no one locked me in, that is. :)

Heather T. said...

What gets me is the door to the old jail yard...and the sign, Jailer's Inn....hahaha...hmmmm, do they let you out when you're ready to go?

Great batch of photos!!

Pauline said...

How lucky you are to have such a great collection of barns. I love the back door of the jail, can't imagine anyone making their escape through that one.

DawnTreader said...

I like it when they preserve old buildings! That jail yard door makes a very impressive photo. Love the perspective.

Doreen said...

awesome choices Peggy!! I like barn #1 and so many others! fantastic post.