Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
....carpe diem. The Daylily. "Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun." Khalil Gibran. She gives her all for just one day then bows her head to God and fades away to nourish the next generation. God I pray I may give my all each day to honor you and bow my head at the end to nourish the next generation. Peggy Jones. NOTE............ Please folks do not copy any of my art or photos on my blog without my permission. Thank you for your good manners.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mosaic Monday= Jingle Poetry

Mosaic Monday

Things are so plush around our house it looks like a rain forest.

 A computer generated look-alike canvas.
Click on for greater detail.
Also hooking up with Jingle Poetry.

The flowers are bright.
The weeds are green.
What a challenge to keep the beds clean.

But I almost hate to pull the weeds since 
they don't know they're not wanted.
They don't know we hate them.

They give their all and more than enough,
but 3 feet tall is just too tough.
Guess someone will have to get rough.

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Pondside said...

A rain forest or a piece of expensive batik...... Well done!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Great mosaic...interesting effect.

Vee said...

Oh that makes for an interesting graphic. That poem about perfectly expresses my thoughts on weeding and how they keep on coming back over and over.

A Garden of Threads said...

Could you please send some rain my way!! Have a great week.

Karin said...

Sure don't miss my gardening days!! Beautiful Mosaic!! Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful statement - never fear the shadows, it means there is a light shining somewhere! Thanks for sharing.

Shashi said...

Liked it very much my friend, the way you have painted it all... I almost felt joining in an giving you a hand with your garden.... to keep them growing tall... ;-)

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Riet said...

What a lovely mosaic. I just put you on my give-away list Peggy.

My Little Home and Garden said...

I'm going to have to experiment with different photo effects. It might be fun!

Jingle said...

you remind me of the weeds growing in my neighbor's yard, 4 feet tall.

vivid and playful piece on the power of weeds,
Thanks for sharing.

Daniella said...

I love that picture!! And your poem is lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem and picture

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem and picture

Mmm said...

WMM, ah-ha! I found it. Love the perspective. A gentle summer breeze through a field of flowers. What a lovely summer break indeed. Lovely expressive painting. TY.

Anonymous said...

Love the image and the poem is awesome, I hate pulling weeds too and you know some are quite pretty though they do suck the life out of other plants