Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Vintage Thingie Thursday 
Time again to get nostalgic.
I love digging around for valuable keepsakes I have.

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Last week when I was doing "Collection" for Friday Shoot Out I made a stop at my favorite antique shop.

I had decided to look for old postcards due to inspiration from some postcard collectors I have met on line.
I found this Poetry of the Psalms
Henry Van Dyke

 Double click to read.

Here is a quote from the book.

John Milton, whose faith in religion was as exalted as his mastery of the art of poetry was perfect, has expressed in a simple sentence the spirit in which I would approach the poetic study of the Book Of Psalms:
"Not in their divine arguments alone, but in the very critical art of composition, the Psalms may be easily made to appear over all kinds of lyric poetry incomparable."

I paid $3.00 for this little book, which I think belongs in a collection of fine essays.

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Friko said...

Milton, one of the greatest poets the earth has ever seen.

QMM, I have been admiring your blog and some of your recent posts, what a pretty and colourful place you have here.

Rudee said...

I wish it was Thursday here, but alas, it's only Wednesday and I still have 2.5 shifts to work before my vacation. Sigh.

I enjoyed your VTT. So glad you're feeling better. Keep up the good work!

GrandmaK said...

Peggy, you have such a wonderful knack of finding interesting and wonderful antiques! Well done! Cathy

crochet lady said...

I just love old books and the gems that are hidden within them.

Pam said...

What a lovely little book. A great find.

LV said...

A wonderful old book filled with great words of wisdom.

Marinela Reka said...

Lovely little book... love you blog...great work :)

Karin said...

Thanks for sharing your lovelies with us Peggy! Beautiful!

Ann said...

Sweet little book. Adore the softnes of the colors.
Happy VTT

LadyCat said...

What a great find for $3.00! The cover is a beautiful work of art, as well as the treasure that is found inside.