Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adventure Express

Adventure Express

Well, all I see around me is snow, so I took a visual tour through my archives to find some sunshine.

Well, things are sure not going like I would like them to go today.

Cannot get my scanner to work so I will just enjoy the snow and accept the fact that is what I am to do today.

Did finish watching the second DVD of
The Pillars of The Earth
A book by Ken Follett that was done as a mini-series for TV.
I loved that book.

The story is set in 12th-century England and centers on the struggles of Prior Philip of Kingsbridge Cathedral. At the same time, civil war is roiling Britain as the result of a struggle for succession among King Henry's heirs, with the outcome of history hinging on a portentous secret.

I have read all of Ken Follet's book and he has taken me on some marvelous adventures.

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Karin said...

Looks like you're not going let a little snow keep you from having fun! Just wondered what an 'Advemtute'is - but it sounds like an adventure nonetheless!

Ima Weed said...

Glad you are back at the computer and get your scanner working, we have to have those today. Since I installed the wireless the scanner won't talk to the computer so I have to put every thing on a flash drive and then transfer it.

Anvilcloud said...

Love that picture. Not head over heels over that book -- mixed feelings. I was almost ready to try the sequel, but my edition is very small type. 1000 pages of small type = no thanks.

Rudee said...

I loved the Pillars of the Earth. It was a good book, but I couldn't get into the video. We have lots of snow here, too.

GrandmaK said...

Had a day like yours!!! We truly are kindred spirits!!! Hoping to day is better! Cathy

Peg said...

Pillars of the Earth - great book!!! Have you read the sequel (can't remember the name right now, but just came out within the last couple of years and was featured on Oprah) That was another fabulous read - full of adventures!