Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sepie Saturday #52 and Mr. Tea's big Christmas Tea

Sepia Saturday #52
Well It is snowing here in Kentucky.
about one inch so far.

Since enjoying so may old post cards on blogs and Sepia Saturday, I begin to keep my eyes out.
This is courtesy of Nelson Co. Archives.

History of Old Talbert Tavern

When visitors walk into the Old Talbott Tavern, there's a feeling about the place. It's well kept, but the passage of time is evident in a few creaking floorboards. There's an air about the place that speaks of people who have come and gone, spending time in the pub and retiring to their rooms before an early morning departure.
Travelers used to arrive on horseback or in buggies; today they come in automobiles. Tourists and locals mingle and lives intertwine in the "ordinary," a place to rest and receive nourishment before traveling on to their final destination.
The old stone reminder of Bardstown's beginnings still welcomes visitors to the bustling downtown area. Since the late 1700s, the Old Talbott Tavern on Court Square has provided shelter, food and drink to Kentucky travelers.
Talbott Tavern is said to be the oldest western stagecoach stop in America as the westward expansion brought explorers from the east into Kentucky.
According to legend, figures straight from the history books sought lodging here during their travels; as a young boy Abraham Lincoln and his family stayed here, Gen. George Rogers Clark, Daniel Boone, and exiled French King Louis Phillipe and his entourage stayed here, even painting murals on the upstairs walls. There are noticeable bullet holes in the now faded paintings and Jesse James is said to be responsible for them. 

Most of the building was destroyed in a fire in 1996 but all the old original painting were restored and the tavern is ever more distinctive today.

It can be seen in Wednesday's Adventure Express video of the down town Bardstown.

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NOw the talk of the social season in cyberspace is Mr. Tea and Toast's Christmas Tea.
See the button on my side bar and check it out.

My escort will be Mr. Tom Jones (HH)
He will perform around midnight.

Here is the dress, Vera Wang, of course and my shoes for the tea.

I asked Vera to design something for me that would contain my ever widening girth and I thing she did a great job.

 And jewelry.
HH and his tuxedo.
He thinks he will need a scooter to get around in the castle, he has not been practicing, may not be a good idea. Will there be paramedics there?
We are shipping our horses, Nitro and Dynamite,over and plan on renting a sleigh to get to the castle.
The snow is pretty deep over there.
Where do we land?
BTW our sleight driver is none other than
Omar Shariff.

My traveling outfit.

HH warm fur coat and hat

Yippee off to Torosay Castle in Scotland.

Go here for big party goings on, you won't believe your eyes.

See you later maybe


Sophia said...

Oh QMM, what fabulous taste you have. I had my eye on that lovely gown for awhile. :D hee

Safe journies across the way...we are all looking forward to meeting you. I'm in the sky in my personal jet plane that Franck booked for me....with my pilot none other than John Travolta! So, let me know if you want me to have him land on the ice long enough to pick you up and take you the rest of the way! hee

GrandmaK said...

Stopped by the other day to visit Mr Tea's...I'm afraid I'm unprepared to travel this year but will pencil it in for next year. Will be enjoying everyone's tales of their trip! What fun this is...Happy weekend! Cathy

Betsy said...

Whoa..look at those furry boots! You will be warm and toasty for sure. Love the dress and the date! I can see your dance card will be full for sure! ;) See you there!

Pondside said...

Really QMMM, you have impeccable taste!!
I love the photo of the old inn - just the sort of place one hopes to find on a snowy afternoon when tea and perhaps something stronger would be a treat.

Jeri Landers said...

Oh dear, I am afraid my humble outfit cannot compare with yours, however, my last minute date is simply divine!

LadyCat said...

Your dress is beautiful...Vera did a smashing job for you!!! I like your traveling outfit too. It looks very "Dr. Zhivago". Looking forward to seeing you at Torosay Castle!

Christine said...

I'm also wearing Vera Wang, love yours, and you jewellery! See you at the tea, QMM.

Bee's Blog said...

Your Vera Wang is to die for as is the rest of your wardrobe. So enjoyed reading about your trip over and so look forward to meeting you.

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, my dear, you will knock their socks off in that dress.

What a great date... and having your horses shipped over for your Sleigh, well you are just too clever for words.

I will certainly look for you at the Tea!!!

Sophia said...

QMM....we're about there to pick up you, HH and your horses. Are you ready? We can only sit on the ice for so long before it begins to crack from the weight of the jet plane... :)

Franck is waiting to shower you with hugs and kisses and John says you're more than welcome to sit in the co-pilot seat for awhile to keep him company. :D

Mmm said...

Well, what a journey you will have with that lot, QMM--do hold tight. never mind if it gets bumpy, I'm sure Tom jones can handle anything adn will keep you all quite entertained himself.

a Vera Wang dress? but of course, and my, how smashing it is. so excited to see you. :)

you will have to fill me in on things when you get here, starting with whatever "HH" means!

Jill said...

WHOA! Those red shoes are the BOMB!
I am thinking a little dancing is in order!

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Well Mr. T. HH is handsome husband, what else.

Birdie said...

Gorgeous dress!

I hope you have arrived safely and have had a wonderful time getting to know the castle.

See you in just a bit!

Lenora said...

Wonderful outfit for tea! Love the sepia too - what a castle! Do join our Family Christmas Tea with Mr Toast too!, here

Marilyn said...

Absolutely fabulous post, I have enjoyed visiting you so much. What fun!


well, i certainly didn't expect tea, with a dash of sepia...
well done!!