Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Magpie Tales #41

Magpie Tales 
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The Eleventh Hour
Too, too late

When I was a little girl I can remember my mom and sisters say,
"Mary if you don't hurry up you are going to be late."
My sister Sue would pop up
"She will probably be late for her own funeral."

"Oh," I said, "how can you be late for your own funeral. If you are not there how are they going to have a funeral?"
Every Sunday I heard the say thing.
"Mary, hurry up you are going to be late. Late for church, late for Sunday school and everything else."
Well I put up with that all  my life.
It got so folks kept telling me to come 15 minutes earlier than the appointed time for something to begin.
When It came time for me to  make my will I made sure every thing was in it, down to the time of day I wanted my funeral to be.

So when time for me to pass on to eternal life I had left definite directions as to how I wanted my funeral conducted and at what time I wanted it to be start.

"Being of sound mind and wit I leave all my worldly goods to my daughter Sally. I want to wear my handmade pink silk dress I made and I want to have all my diamonds on. I want my funeral to start at exactly 11:00 A.M. in the morning, and no one may ever change that."
Signed Mary Lowell
Witnessed by Elsie Wilson

Now my daughter Sally and I talked about this a lot. She knew it was in my will and she knew better than to do anything different.

"You know it is bad luck to go against a person's dying statement. Now Sally don't you let anyone make you change your mind."
I had told  her this many a time.

"Okay mom," she would say," n0thing can make me change my mind."

Several years passed and Mary did pass away.
Sally did all the things her mom had asked for.
She had the pink dress to the morgue and made sure that he  and the minister knew the service was to start at 11:00 A.M.

When Sally got to the funeral home the morning of the funeral, she walked into the room and there was no coffin in the appointed place.

She went to look for Mr. Reed the funeral director.

"Mr. Reed, where is my mother's coffin the funeral is supposed to start in one hour and all the flowers are arriving but where is the casket?" she pleaded.

"Well Miss Sally your momma's body won't be ready until 12:00, things did not go as I had planned and that is the best I can do."

"But I promised my mother her funeral would be at 11:00. What am I going to do? If I don't abide by her wishes it will be very bad luck for me."
"Sorry," said Mr. Reed.

What in the world was Sally going to do.
She went to him with an idea.

"Well, Mr. Reed, we could just push a coffin in there and have it closed and the funeral at 11:00 and no one would even know the difference."

"You mean have an empty coffin?"
Mr. Reed stammered.

"Well, I guess we could do that.
Pick out one and I will have Luther push it in there.
Oh my heavens I have never done this before."
So the funeral was held at 11:00 AM just as Mary had wanted, but true as she had been told about a million times, Mary was late for her own funeral.
In fact she wasn't even there at all.
After the service,Mr. Reed pushed the coffin back into the morgue and gently laid Mary into the coffin with her pretty pick dress on and shuck his head.

"Late for her own funeral.
So sad."
Poor Sally worried the rest of her life when the bad luck would hit her.

I am grateful I can enjoy and laugh about writing about funerals.

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Alan Burnett said...

Splendid tale, most entertaining.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Peggy, I have always been told that our words are very important. I think on Mary, the mother of Jesus. When told she would become incarnate and have a child, she said, "Let it be unto me as you say." The moment she accepted and spoke the words...THE WORD of God began to grow as a babe within her.
You sister had the words spoken over her and they happened. She was late for her own funeral...I am unsure if the story is ture of made up... BUT, it could well happen. Love ya. Crystal

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Crystal you are so right, but this was just a work of fiction. Nothing true about it, except my sister's name was Mary. Didn't even realize that.

kathew said...

oh hiarious post. I have a cousin who is always late and YES we tell her to be an hour earlier than anyone else! I'll never tell!

willow said...

Cute story, QMM. I haven't heard that old saying in ages!

Reflections said...

Nice write... I am still smiling. Somehow, I knew you would come up with a way for her to be late. I have known many people like her.

Peg said...

What a great tale!!! Love it!

Everyday Goddess said...

Really good read! Poor Sally living under that fear though.

Helen said...

From the first word to your last ... a delightful Magpie Tale.

Riet said...

A lovely story.

Friko said...

You do have the weirdest ideas, QMM. I hope this is all invented and not real.

let's hope your own funeral will not be for many years, in fact, let's hope you will be extremely late because you are alive and well.

Lisa said...

ha ha....what a clever story!