Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VTT -mortar and pestal and a rant and a solution for me

 Vintage Thingie Thursday

This mortar and pestal was sent to us for Christmas about 20 years ago by our chef son.
I think it is beautiful.
Now I have to admit I knew it had been used for centuries for meds but I wondered what I would do with it.
That was before I retired and began to cook different kinds of foods, before I grew herbs and spices.
And I remembered he is a chef.
Many times we learn more from our kids than we realize.

This is not an attractive VTT but this foot, of mine, is vintage, that is pretty old.
And I think this is a good lesson in learning to  care for one's self, in certain cases.
Hope no one is offended by my using this instead of a pretty collectable.
About three years ago I went to a podiatrist for a severely painful right great toe.
I had visions of gout, bunion etc.
Well the doctor x-rayed my foot and no, not a bunion. A bunion is when the bone itself grows out of line and causes a huge lump on the side of the foot usually rubbed and irritated by a shoe.
No not gout, caused by an elevation in uric acid in the blood.
So the doctor injected the joint with Lidocaine and said to come back it it did not get better. He said I am not sure what is wrong.
The pain went away and then began to return so that after another year I went back again.
Same thing injection, gave me much relief.
Still said he did not know what was wrong or how to prevent the recurring pain.
Well I came home and looked it up on the internet, which I always do NOW before going to the doctor.
 Eliminating gout, bunion I came across sesamoiditis.
Now I know what sesamoid bones are.
I know the knee cap is one, they are sort of free floating bones attached to tendons not other bones.
So I decided I had sesamoiditis.

Sesamoiditis refers to the irritation or inflammation of the tendons around the sesamoids – bones in the feet that are embedded in the muscles or linked to the tendons (not to other bones). Sesamoids are located on the foot’s outer side (near the middle area), and under the forefoot close to the big toe. These sesamoids let tendons glide and manage transmission of the muscle’s forces. They likewise elevate the bones of the big toe and help bear weight.  

What are the symptoms of sesamoiditis?

Sesamoiditis symptoms develop gradually. Patients usually feel slight aches that increase slowly and steadily until it becomes to feel like severe throbbing if he or she keeps on performing the triggering activity. Bruising or redness is usually not a symptom – in many cases, there is no other physical manifestation aside from swelling, which greatly affects dorsiflexion and plantarflexion (the capacity of the joint of the first metatarsophalangeal to bend upward and/or downward. The big toe cannot move, making walking very difficult.

What causes sesamoiditis?

Foot Sesamoiditis is common among people who out a lot of stress on their sesamoids, such as those in professions like ballet and those who engage in sports such (particularly baseball catchers and runners).
Still, anyone can develop sesamoiditis, which is caused primarily by recurring, disproportionate pressure, tension, and stress on the forefoot, particularly on the first metatarsophalangeal joint. The tissues around the joint react to the tension by swelling up. People who frequently engage in activities that put constant stress on their feet’s ball area can develop sesamoiditis. In fact, people who walk around constantly in unsupportive shoes can develop the condition.

Okay so about one year ago, 3 years into the sore toe episode, I was convinced that was what I had.
I still did not know what had caused it and what to do myself to correct the situation.
Not going back to the doctor.
Now I know doctors must make a living, but I thought their main purpose was to help us heal.
So I set out to try to find out why I had this and what I could do about it. Now reading the causes of this malady and studying the last few years since the beginning of the occurrence, I finally solved the mystery of my so sore toe.

About 1 year after my bilateral knee replacements, I decided I was strong enough to resume soaking baths in the tub along with regular showers for bathing.
The big challenge was to get out of the bathtub with two artificial knees.
By holding the grab bar on the tub with my right hand and placing my left hand on the edge of the tub then stabilizing my right foot up against the end of the bathtub
I was able to rise up out of the tub without trouble.
But wait, three years of stabilizing that right toe against the end of the tub?
Take a look at the angle of the foot in this picture.
Note the location of the sesamoid bones,
the pressure on those bones.
Now reading on it said, STOP the activity causing that pressure.
You guessed it.
Pressure on the great toe while getting out of the tub.
It did not hurt my foot at the time, when getting out of the bathtub but the toe ached like a toothache as I went about the summer barefoot and with flip flops on.
So I started wearing my Earth sandals with good support under the metatarsal bones and pressure off that toe and walla, I am healed.
No more tub baths.
Now that does not mean I will never go to a doctor again.
In fact I think I should go back and tell that specialist what was wrong so he can help others.
What do you think? 

Go here and see some real pretty and valuable VTT



Anvilcloud said...

What do I think? I think you're smart.

Karin said...

Ooooooohhhhh, I just love a great medical story like that!! Learned something new! You are one amazing diagnostician - a rare trait even among doctors.

LV said...

What a lot of wonderful and useful information. I understand where you are coming from. However, I know my problem but at this stage of my life living with it. I have one of the worst bunions and crazy toe on my left foot due an injury that did not heal correctly. I am almost to the point of buying the box instead of the shoes. As long as I give it plenty of room, it is torable.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what a story! Glad that you were able to figure out the problem.


bj said... are so smart to research your problem and SOLVE it. I am just tickled to death.
Yes, I believe I would at least email the doctor with your findings. It may just help the next one.
You are amazing!!
xo bj

Coloradolady said...

Wow, what an incredible story, and so glad you found the problem. I think so often, the doctors have no idea what is wrong, they just give you a pill and send you home. This was full of great information. Thanks for this post. Happy VTT!

Chrissie said...

Ouch, hope you feel better soon!

Ann said...

my Malaysian mortar and pestle is black granite. Yours is an up market white marble ?

I always thought the chemist uses the white one.

Oh your poor toe.

La Petite Gallery said...

Thank you Thank you. I am going to look into this as my Planters is causing my foot to swell on top.??


Rudee said...

If you go back to him, he'll charge YOU for YOUR advice. Send him a note, instead.

There is much cause and effect from the stress we put on our bodies and the line in the old ditty, the foot bone is connected to the ankle bones,should always come to mind when trying to link our issues.

LadyCat said...

You really did your research. I'm glad you got relief from the pain. I am going to google Earth shoes : )

Friko said...

Good for you that you persevered and found out what's wrong. But as for going to the doctor, will he really want to know that you got it right and got it wrong?

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

You are so right Friko, he will not have a hoot about that right now.LOL
The important thing it is better.