Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.

Do not copy any of my artwork, poetry or photography without my permission.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Magpie Tales with willow

Magpie Tales
Willow Manor

The Haunting of House #51
 Berkeley Square

My name is Miss Effie Fletcher. Miss Effie of Miss Effie's Millinery.

I attest that these matters written here are true, to the best of my ability to remember.

At that time I lived in Berkeley Square along with several other families of distinction.
I was not of those families, just a renter of a flat.

Each morning I hurried to my millinery shop with loud click, clacks on the cobblestone, made by my very fashionable laced ladies walking boots.
Of course I wore the best in millinery wear as a walking advertisement.

I passed by the home of the spinster Rudd Sisters.
There were three at one time.
Agnes, Mae, Regina.
One, Miss Agnes was a dressmaker and the misses Mae and Regina were educators.
Mae and Regina had passed on and Miss Agnes lived alone in that big house with her house staff and all her mannequins and sewing machines.
She still did some mending and simple construction of clothes, mostly for babies and children. Her christening gowns were known all over London.

I almost went there when I was looking for a flat near my newly established millinery shop, but I kept hearing roomers that #51 Berkeley Square was haunted.

#51 was where the Rudd Sisters lived. Well that was not for me and I took a suite of rooms in the home of the Spencers, a middle aged couple who never bothered me nor I they.

Of course most of my customers were well to do ladies and they knew what they were talking about.
They all patronized my shop since I was on top of the most beautiful and stylish fashions in Europe.
Refined ladies do not gossip, of course.
Just the truth.

They always looked down on the Rudd Sisters since they never married and were working to make ends meet.

Well that was not true at all the Rudd's had their own share of respectability and nobility in their lineage.
Their ancestors had come from Pepin The Short,
the Carroll, Brooke and Twyne families.

I usually walked straight down the street to my shop on the same side of the street. To the shop and back to my flat on the same side, never breaking my routine.

One evening, the sun was still up and it was a very clear evening. As I was on my way home , I looked up into the sky and something drew my eye to the second floor window of the house #51.
The haunting.

I looked up and slowed down. It looked like a person in the window. A person with a long gown on and both arms raised up in the air.
I dare not stop and stare.

Well the next morning, I would just walk on the other side of the street and see what I could espy.

Nothing was seen in the second floor window the next morning or the next evening.

I went on for several days, just about ready to keep it all to myself, since I had heard it was haunted, when on my way home one Wednesday, I saw the figure again.

Well as I strolled along home I realized that last Wednesday was when I saw it before and also I had run into Miss Agnes on Wednesday morning as she was coming out of the house, saying she was on her way to the market since Wednesday and that evening was her cook and maid's day off.
She just passed me by without any greeting.
Must have had her mind on something else.
Didn't even notice my beautiful teal velvet and peacock feathered hat.

Didn't give it much thought at that time.

The next morning was Thursday and as I neared #51 Berkeley Square I noticed Mr. Weitherly up ahead of me on the walk way.

Mr. Weitherly was the landlord of my shop and lived all the way on the other end of Berkeley Square.
His office was over my shop.

"Well good morning Mr. Weitherly," I said as I hurriedly caught up with him." How are you this fine morning?"

"Well Miss Effie, you are looking snappy this morning. I take it you are very well," he bowed to me. "I was just out for a short walk as I stayed all night in my office and needed to stretch."

"Yes, I am well and how is Mrs. Weitherly and all the little ones this morning?" I inquired.
He didn't have to tell me why he was out, it was none of my business.

They were raising their 2 grandchildren and I had been told Mr. Weitherly was not too keen on that.

"Everyone is fine," he said. " I must be getting on to my office right away. A busy day today."
He tipped his hat as he walked hurriedly away.
Was his face flushed or was that my imagination?

Well each day after that I watched the upper window for evidence of the haunting and did not see anything again until Wednesday.

As I was strutting on to work I met Miss Agnes, again, coming out of her house and she told me she was on her way to market.

"Do you go to market every Wednesday morning yourself when your cook is off," I asked.

"Oh yes I do love to cook dinner myself on occasion."
Miss Agnes looked rather chipper today. As if she was anticipating a good day and evening. There was quite a bounce in her step.

Yes the haunting figure was in the window again that Wednesday evening.
Yes, I saw Mr. Weitherly up in front of me as I made my way to my shop the next morning.

I slowed down and walked very slowly,behind him, to work that day.
Not a haunting, me thinks, a secret code.
That's all me knows, as my little granddaughter says, with a grin.

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kathew said...

ooooh my I liked this!

Everyday Goddess said...

Working late at the office, eh Mr. Weitherly?

Fun mag!

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

Ooooh, you are a sly boots aren't you, Mr Weitherly

Enjoyed this!


Reflections said...

Fun tale... late at the office? And loving to cook a good meal now and then? Dare I consider what she was cooking?

willow said...

Fun read, QMM!

Tumblewords: said...

Fun read, indeed! Who would have thought Mr. Weitherley would be out cattin'.

Southwest Arkie said...

A good tale indeed!